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      ฝาก 50 ฟรี 50

      The reports highlight how we’re working to achieve exceptional environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance and actions on sustainable energy development.
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      A man wearing a green hardhat and red safety vest standing in a field with tall grass.

      Suncor Energy Inc.

      Symbol: TSX:SU


      Symbol: NYSE:SU


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      Our purpose is to provide trusted energy that enhances people’s lives, while caring for each other and the Earth.

      Jeff holding thumbs up on a ship in the atlantic ocean

      People spotlight

      Land and sea: Jeff Tomaszewski’s career has taken him far

      A nod to his accomplishments, Jeff Tomaszewski was recently named as part of the Daily Oil Bulletin’s Rising Stars Class of 2021 – nominated by  his leaders. The program highlights the work of young, emerging leaders in the energy industry.